Our MIssionaries

  • Entner (Closed Country)
  • Entner (Closed Country)
  • Shelly Grimm (Honduras)
  • Joshus and Barb Hedges (Bible Translation)
  • Lois Jackson (Retired – Pennsylvania) (Mexico)
  • David and Karen James (Alliance for Biblical Integrity)
  • Doug and Sharon Martin (ABWE – North America)
  • Luis and Janet Meneses (Brazil)
  • Rick and Pat Shaner (Alaska)
  • Tom and Edie Sartor (Retired – Michigan) (Closed Country)
  • Barbara Taylor (Retired – Columbus, OH) (Brazil)
  • Odir & Cynthia Brandão (Brazil)
  • Nathan and Carrie Radford (Kenya)
  • Bob and Aloha Vance (Retired – South Carolina) (Canada)
  • Alica Wimer (Retired – Louisiana) (Africa)
  • Teens For Christ (U.S., Bangladesh, Kenya, Lebanon, Uganda, Nepal, India, Philippines)

World map missionaries